Precision V-Clamp IV (Patented)

The Infusion Set Regulating Clamp by Adelberg

   Healthy Clamp

The Precision V-Clamp provides superior control of flow rate. Other clamps on administration sets need frequent attention and care. This permits the nurse to devote her valuable time to functions more important than readjusting the clamp. The patient benefits by minimization of his exposure to excessive or sub-marginal flow rates. A nurse should check her patients in accordance with the rules of accepted practice, not in accordance with the physical properties of plastic tubing. The Precision V-Clamp, an out-growth of space age research, is designed to provide much more uniform flow rates.



"A New Even-Flow Intravenous Infusion Clamp" - American Medical Assn ; (PDF; 800k)

"Flow rate maintenance and output intravenous fluid admistration sets" - American Society of Hostpital Pharmacists
(PDF; 2.5MB)

"Drug-Related Death Among Medical Impatients" - Published by Amercian Medical Assn ; (PDF; 937K)

"Evaluation of Piggyback Administration Sets" - American Medical Assn ; (PDF; 2.29MB)



Over 4,300,000,000 Sold!

Currently used on 1/3 of the World's Market

Patents Issued and Pending

Improves Level of Health Care

  • Uniform Flow Rate
  • Resistant to Tugs
  • Insensitive to Thumb Pressure
  • Documented Superiority

Latest Features

20% Lower Cost
Wheel Assembled with Housing
Improved Tube Holder

In addition to providing more Uniform Flow, the Precision V-Clamp's other features include:

  • Flow Not Sensitive to Thumb Pressure
    - Other roll clamps may cause a surge in flow when thumb pressure is removed.
  • Control Wheel Remains in Place
    - Wheel is much more difficult to dislodge than is the case with conventional roll clamps.
  • Particularly Suited for:
    • Infants
    • Cardiac Cases
    • Potent Drugs
  • Save Valuable User's Time
    - Reduces the need for re-adjustment
  • Improves Level of Health Care to All Patients
    - Holds prescribed flow rate
    - Does not detract from Nurse's attention
  • Documented Superiority
  • Resistant to Tugs

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