Precision V-Clamp IV (Patented)

The Infusion Set Regulating Clamp by Adelberg

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The Precision V-Clamp provides superior control of flow rate. Other clamps on administration sets need frequent attention and care. This permits the nurse to devote her valuable time to functions more important than readjusting the clamp. The patient benefits by minimization of his exposure to excessive or sub-marginal flow rates. A nurse should check her patients in accordance with the rules of accepted practice, not in accordance with the physical properties of plastic tubing. The Precision V-Clamp, an out-growth of space age research, is designed to provide much more uniform flow rates.



"A New Even-Flow Intravenous Infusion Clamp" - American Medical Assn ; (PDF; 800k)

"Flow rate maintenance and output intravenous fluid admistration sets" - American Society of Hostpital Pharmacists
(PDF; 2.5MB)

"Drug-Related Death Among Medical Impatients" - Published by Amercian Medical Assn ; (PDF; 937K)

"Evaluation of Piggyback Administration Sets" - American Medical Assn ; (PDF; 2.29MB)


  About Adelberg Laboratories

Adelberg Laboratories was the first to commercially introduce a parallel acting clamp, which was named the Precision V-Clamp in 1972. Advanced space technology made possible for the first time flow rates through pinched PVC tubing, which varied little with time. Precision flow rate control was thereby attainable. Soon after the introduction of the patented clamp, Abbot Laboratories and Baxter Healthcare adapted and licensed this design for use with most of their infusion sets. As a consequence of continual product development, Adelberg Laboratories introduced their Model II Precision V-Clamp, having enhanced performance and offering superior resistance to unwanted stretch on the tubing. The grip on the tubing and the adjustability of the clamp was also dramatically improved with respect to roller clamps then currently on the market.

The Precision V-Clamp was found to be far superior to other roller clamps, as it is illustrated in the 3 articles below.

  1. Raish DW, Johnson KT and Roth C: Evaluation of piggyback administration sets, Am J Hosp Pharm 34:1315-1323 (Dec) 1977.
  2. Demoruelle JL, Harrison WL and Flora RE: Flow rate maintenance and output of intravenous fluid administration sets, Am J Hosp Pharm 32:177-185 (Feb) 1975.
  3. Fonkalsrud EW, Carpenter K and Adelberg M: A New Even-Flow Intravenous Infusion Clamp, Arch Surg 102:530-531 (May) 1971 .

A JAMA (Journal of American Medical Association) publication in 1977 by Porter and Jick reported a large number of preventable deaths in patients put on intravenous administration.

  1. Porter J and Jick H: Drug-related Deaths Among Medical Inpatients, JAMA 237:879-881 (Feb) 1977.

These preventable deaths were attributed to pulmonary edema (flooding of the lungs), and their morality incidence was one in 1,500. A logical explanation is that the clamps, then in use, had insecure clamping capability, and when exposed to a small perturbation, were dislodged, permitting a fluid-runaway condition. A large fraction of clamps in use during the time of the death rate publication offered very poor gripping of the tube. Improved gripping was then one of several important needs.

Years later through continuing development of roller clamp technology, improvements were again achieved by the introduction of the patented Adelberg Model III Precision V-Clamp. A variety of versions of this Model III continue to enjoy substantial use for a wide range of tube sizes and hardness.

As market demands became increasingly cost effective, Adelberg Laboratories once again advanced their Precision V-Clamp series with their newest patented Model IV. Through advanced technology, Model IV offers a 20 to 30 percent price reduction without degradation in performance of precision flow rate control over time. Additional desirable attributes are also featured:

  • Finer adjustment from low to high flow rate.
  • Ease in effort to relocate the roller wheel, adjusting flow rate.
  • Assembly is available. (Model IV only)

Adelberg Laboratories continues to be the large-volume market leader in clamp technology with an aggressive development activity.

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